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Domain: (my domain old created by 2017 ) (my domain old created by 2018 )

Shut down server:

now all Redirect servers "", finding YouTube domain "cracked server" brb. And Why asking for players cracked account Well, Yes new server Rodion-Network :Rodion: ,Sadly dead old players servers back in 2017-2018 Up to 40 Players by 2018.. in
(?? France hosted server Good ping in 2018) got shut down in 2019 year ago now. Again opened server 2020 hosted in United States ?? And Canada ?? Location Not Europe Location. First 2017 Prison V1 By me ( old my video
, sadly old custom enchant,custom rank,etc good plugins Prison V1 full Bugs/Exploit/Glitches server And server back in 2017 hosted in Argentina Internet home ?? yh hell spanish/español can't understand spanish now.) And old my friends File_Explorer/shivaplayz old owner now Prison V2-4 Thanks you Shiva. And he I quit File_Explorer/shivaplayz Minecraft GoodBye

Why removed server OP Prison V4?
25/11/2020 by @FDFGaming on Discord in announcements
"Most of players was asking why was op prison V4 removed, and adding Prisonv5 non op prison, and it was not fun. Well, for most of players said that playing in Prison V4 players having issue like multiplier not detected, did not get any Tags, Token bug, glitches.... that why economy was broken for a long time and we are really hard struggling with it mainly because prison v4 was almost 2+ years old. that why we introduce players to Prison V5. By right Prison V5 is more op than V4 and more balance base gameplay that you have to spend time to get stronger like in RPG games, so you can't really just get money that might break economy from others. Tokens was remove in V5 was also because of the same issue, so we use EXP Instead of tokens. We are still updating V5 to make it more fun, hope you enjoy playing in V5 Prison | Rodion Network."

Join Server my discord

Thanks for you Players, Enjoy!
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