UPDATE last month changelog update server for 12/1/2021


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Hi, last month changelog update server, #updates on discord x8
Date: 12/1/2021

Playing Server:
Java Editon IP: play.rodion-network.com | Port: 25565 ( default port )
Bedrock Editon IP: bedrock.rodion-network.com | Port: 19132 ( default port )
Join discord server: https://rodion-network.com/discord

Survival Server:
- Fixed Skills showing wrong rewards
- Fixed items dissappearing with no reason
- Renamed Donator Ranks:
Donator > Jester
Elite > Monarch
Lord > Knight
- Upgraded server version to 1.17 (You are still able to join with older versions)
- Fixed crash errores (might not be fully 100% fixed but server will crash less than other days)
- Now server makes an auto save every minute so if server crash no progress is lost

- Added new Changelogs NPC in /spawn
- Minor bug fixes

Network Server:
~ Added commands:
/hub (Hub Server)
/lobby (Some Hub Server)
/prison (Not yet release)
/pns (Not yet release & Better 3 characters command)
/prisons (Not yet release)
/auth (Auth Server)
/survival (Survival Server)
/srl (Survival Server & Better 3 characters command)
/f (where command?!)

DanelSonic123 - Argentina 🇦🇷
[email protected]