UPDATE last month changelog update server for 7/1/2021


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Hi, last month changelog update server, #updates on discord x4
Date 7/1/2021

Playing Server:
Java Editon IP: play.rodion-network.com Or mc.rodion-network.com | Port: 25565 ( default port )
Bedrock Editon IP: bedrock.rodion-network.com | Port: 19132 ( default port )
Join discord server: https://rodion-network.com/discord or https://discord.gg/rodion

Network Server:
- Added: https://status.rodion-network.com/ or #status on discord.
- Removed Motd banned some players, we are working fix it. when come back motd banned.
- Added Now Support 1.17 In Java.
- Added Now Support 1.17 In Bedrock

Ended of Season for SurvivalV1 Server:
- Removed Mob Stacker / Items removed, new features
- Fixed Shulker Box dupe
- Removed Clear lag for items stuff.
- New New skin Discord in #survival-v1-chat | https://discord.gg/rodion
- Fixed Villager System lag ( kill you villager angry)
- Added NPC Server
- Fixed /stats Again.
- Added /survival Survival Server.
- Added /prison Prison Server. ( Not yet finished Server. )
- Updated /ranks show EnderChest, Inv, Item, Bypass cooldown.
- Added Show the command /sender (Global/Players) | See EnderChest, /sinv (Global/Players) | See Inventory
- Added /stat (Your Stats/Player) Show Stats Kill/Death
- Added /discordlink Link your Minecraft to get roles @Member, Send DM @Rodion Network | Minecraft the your code

Show item/enderchest/inv.
Inventory chat:

EnderChest chat:

Item chat:

E.g [i] Test message

When New OP PrisonV6?
Not yet release working under development Join discord server https://rodion-network.com/discord or discord.gg/rodion and read #sneak-peeks, don't forget to add roles #read-roles on discord

DanelSonic123 - Argentina ?? ♥️??
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