UPDATE last month changelog update server for 8/1/2021


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Hi, last month changelog update server, #updates on discord x5
Date: 8/1/2021

Playing Server:
Java Editon IP: play.rodion-network.com Or mc.rodion-network.com | Port: 25565 ( default port )
Bedrock Editon IP: bedrock.rodion-network.com | Port: 19132 ( default port )
Join discord server: https://rodion-network.com/discord or https://discord.gg/rodion

Network Server: - The Server is now supported 1.8-1.17.1
~ Removed Version 1.7.10
~ Added Now Support 1.17.1 In Java.
~ Added Now Support 1.17.1 In Bedrock

Survival Season 2 Server:
~ Added Vote Crates In Spawn or /warp
~ Added Vote Link use /vote
~ Fixed When died water damage in Spawn.
~ Fixed Skills wrong messages/coins chat (#yesyourbrainenglishsmallosimpsqn).
~ Fixed The End/Nether Linked In Spawn.
~ Changed shop price for selling , [ mob drops, Farming , and Ores ]
~ Changed Money maker [ increase money per min ]
~ Changed Spawner [ Vindicator , Villager and Wandering Trader ,... Special Drops Fix ]
~ Fixed combat log...
~ Added Join effect
~ Added Armor boost:
Netherite armor now gives +10 extra defense per piece.
Diamond armor now gives +5 extra defense per piece.
~ Changed Stats profile description for stats.
~ Changed Skills descriptions.
~ Fixed Zombie not showing damage indicator.
~ Fixed Some mobs not giving combat xp.
~ Removed Crafting Skill.
~ Removed Taming Skill.
~ Error not found Sarah Rewards (Pending to add)
~ Updated: Vote Party Requirement From 60 Votes Total, Droped to 40 Vote Total to trigger Vote Party
~ Updated: Vote, Rare, Legend Crates Are now More OPs
~ Fixed Permission to show deathordcoord , /dc
~ Fixed Permission to /craft removed from default
~ Removed Vindicator Spawner - Remove Vanilla Drops, Banner and Iron Axe and Emerald
~ Changed /deathcoords to /dc
~ Changed Normal Nether to Random TP Nether
~ Added New Message Rank up of Discord
~ Changed - Lower Chance of Ranks in Crates
~ Changed - Lower Chance of Money Makers in Crates
~ Changed - Lowered temp ranks days (From 7D to 5D)
~ Changed Now crates have higher chances of getting keys in crates
~ Error not found vote party
~ Error not found /vote Rewards

When New OP PrisonV6?
Not yet release working under development Join discord server https://rodion-network.com/discord or discord.gg/rodion and read #sneak-peeks, don't forget to add roles #read-roles on discord

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