UPDATE Last Month Changelog Update Server


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Hi, last month changelog update server, #updates on discord

We have new domain .com
IP: play.rodion-network.com Or mc.rodion-network.com | Port: 25565 ( default port )
Added support Bedrock/MCPE
IP: bedrock.rodion-network.com | Port: 19132 ( default port )
Website Moved https://rodion-network.net/ to https://rodion-network.com/
Join discord server https://rodion-network.com/discord
Removed SkyblockV2 Server. no play long time.​

PrisonV5 Server:
- Removed Rank Info NPC in Spawn.
- Updated Prestige increase money, break Economy players.....
- Not Supported sadly does not support Netherite Pickaxe on mine blocks, really outdated the plugin
- Fixed Permissions no access sellall i in mine.
- Added Now Support do /toppt

SurvivalV1 Server:
- Added Lock Chest
- Added New OP Shop At Spawn
- Removed Blaze Mining | Reason: Too OP
- Added automatic kit pleb for new players first join
- Updated Custom Enchant. ( how to custom enchant? Follow https://rodion-network.com/forums/threads/what-a-custom-enchant.45/ )
- Added Stats /stats check your stats
- Added Use /skill Custom Skill
- New ActionBar HP/Mana
- Added /rewards ( https://discord.com/channels/692215032036982846/692215895048847410/823243269592973414 Discord Announced )
- Fixed Peasant-Overlord perms.
- Removed Enchantment Instantaneous and Drill due to the reason of too Op.
- Updated Kit Items Changed | Pleb , Peasant , Baron Rank , Cookies change to Cooked Fish

Hub Server:
- Added Warning in Server Selector
- Updated Server Selector
- Added Auth Server, command list.

Auth Server:
- Fixed when sending email reset password
- Changed When players getting kicked time out 30 sec to 60 sec

Network Server:
- Fixed When join the server bad packets.
- Moved servers for Voting Site.
- Updated Updated Banned Message changed link
- Updated Tab on all servers
- Updated Motd on all servers
- Updated Tab/Motd .net to .com on all servers
- Fully blocked Advertising/URL Website on All Servers.
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