UPDATE SkyBlockV2 2/3


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Try test server /server SkyblockV2, Compass not release SkyblockV2 server.

Server release 2/3


Added Fairy Souls.
Added Ender Slayer, Dragon Hunter, Cubism, Critical and Growth enchantments.
Added Runaan's Bow.
Added Tarantula Set back.
Added Crit damage indicators that show you when a player made a critical hit.
Added time into the scoreboard and emojis for it, day displays sun emoji and night moon emoji.
Added below name player health.
Completely reworked the enchanting, fixing all bugs.
Books no longer can be applied directly to items.
Void now instakills players that fall into it.
If a item has 5+ enchants they compact like in Hypixel.
Damage indicators no longer display when you hit villagers/players.
Enchanting max level is now 45-55 instead of predefined 45.
Fixed Grappling Hook displayed as untextured block in 1.8.
Fixed not breakable wheat at 71 86 95.
Fixed Savanna Bow durability.
Fixed some nether wart could not be broken.
Fixed water/lava pickup in the Hub.
Fixed enchants not displaying on crafted items Tools/Armors/Weapons.
Fixed Enchanting Table protected in the Magic Cave region.
Fixed ''No fly'' spam message while wearing the Tarantula Boots.


Added Item Reforging and Combining.
Added Pumpkin Set.
Added Back the Backpacks recipes.
Books now can be enchanted.
Big mushrooms now can be broken in the Barn area.
Fixed death holograms stay after death.
Fixed Telekinesis enchantment.
Fixed more wheat not be broken in wheat farm area.
Fixed infinite skills experience message in actionbar
Fixed Fortune and Silk Touch in one item on enchanting.
Fixed enchants not appearing on purchased tools/armor/weapons.
Fixed players could move the NPCs by using the AOTD ability.
Fixed console errors related to some plugins.

IP: Play.Rodion-Network.net | :Rodion: