UPDATE SkyblockV2 has been released.


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SkyblockV2 has been released bugfixes/added/news.

  • Added Pets!
  • Added Replay System
  • Added back the Rewards.
  • Added a Safe Stop/Restart, which will save everything and stop the server safely.
  • Added Spider, End and Undead Swords to the Weaponsmith NPC.
  • Added Piggy Bank to the Merchant NPC.
  • Added two pets to the Merchant NPC.
  • Added option to disable mobs targeting guests on Player Islands
  • Removed delay in the item clicking in the Skyblock Menu.
  • Fixed Magma Armor not giving strength.
  • Fixed Lumberjack and Miner tools not showing enchants after combining.
  • Fixed pets not gaining experience.
  • Fixed Skills console spam.
  • Fixed Aiming enchantment not working properly.
  • Fixed enchantments not displaying properly on some items.
  • Fixed Hardened Diamond Armor not displaying enchantments.
  • Fixed player islands border having pvp.
  • Fixed Silk Touch enchantment.
  • Fixed Backpacks recipes.
  • Fixed Grappling Hook.
  • Fixed no permission to open Piggy Bank.
  • Fixed durability on Undead, Spider & End Swords.
  • Fixed glowstone not being able to break in nether area.
  • Fixed no access while traveling to the Farm while having the required Farming Level.
  • Fixed Pets leveling and balanced their leveling XP.
  • Fixed attributes not displaying properly in Player Profiles / Attributes Menu.
  • Fixed Cobblestone armor not giving Strength.
  • Fixed some lag issues related to Skills (Please let us know if you still have any problems)
  • Fixed scoreboard time emoji (it was missing a % lol)
  • Fixed issues with island flight
  • Fixed some Emerald Ore not breaking in Diamond Reserve.
  • Now you can end your own auctions at any time.
  • Players no longer can Ender Pearl to other areas.
  • Modified Friends leave and join messages.
  • Players no longer can outbid themselfes in the Auction.
  • Entity Kill message no longer displays in gray.
  • Minecarts no longer are removed by the clearlag.
  • Arrows now instantly despawn after hitting a block or entity.
  • Savanna Bow now deals +% damage depending on mob level (max is +100%)
  • Backpacks now are crafted in the vanilla Crafting Table.
  • Hostile mobs now have more stable defense depending on their level.
  • Monsters and animals now drop Coins instead of automatically giving you them.
  • Friend Requests now can be enabled/disabled in Player Settings.
  • Double Tap to Drop is now available in Player Settings
Note: The End is bugged fixing soon.

Note2: SkyblockV1 no longer available update server, deleting server soon.​
Uploaded Dropbox data players SkyblockV1

IP: play.rodion-network.net | Join now, Connect Compass SkyblockV2 Server.